We are a product licensing company

We partner with global A-brands to design, produce and sell their socks and underwear collections. With a focus on consistent availability we optimise turnover by offering the best balance between quality products and excellent pricing. Our vision is to deliver the fastest moving branded products. Moving with speed requires high productivity, expertise and confidence. This is how we make the difference.

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19 underwear Packs
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This is for good reason. We believe it is important to reach the heart of our brands, to understand their values and create meaningful products that maximise consumer reach. This approach is what sets us apart from other licensees. We believe in creating long-term relationships in which we can invest time and energy to offer sustainable business growth.

  • PUMA
  • HEAD
  • Levis
  • Tommy Hilfiger

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Puma is one of the world’s most iconic sports brands. Since 1996 we’ve been designing and producing its socks and bodywear collections. From the quintessential basic white sport sock in everyone’s drawer, to the joy of the lifestyle collections, we’ve ensured Puma remains world recognised for its playfulness and spirit, in socks and underwear.

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Head is a reputable and trusted sports brand. The company behind first class tennis and ski equipment deserves a business that will produce solid sock and bodywear. We use a particular combination of yarn to ensure that the Head products that we manufacture remain favourites with professionals and amateurs alike.

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Everything Levi’s produces is designed to be lived in, and its socks and underwear collections are no different. Our Levi’s products are crafted with specific yarns to be as characterful and authentic as people expect yet with the quality and price to be proud of.

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Tommy Hilfiger is an American style icon. We match attention to detail, intricate processes, and specific colour choices with specialty high quality yarns and patterns to create all of Tommy’s collections. Everything that we create for Tommy, is well, unmistakably Tommy.


We are passionate about product. Comfort and fit are especially important with garments that remain closest to your body. Our products combine the finest quality yarns and fabrics to ensure long-lasting comfort. Our socks and underwear are designed to maintain their shape, colour and softness which keeps our consumers coming back for more. 


We act as ambassadors to our small portfolio of partners and a handful of core suppliers all around the globe – working with the right suppliers and the right materials to create the right products. We have invested time to develop a trusted network and work closely with our suppliers on a daily basis. All factories are SAFE audited and comply to our and international standards. 


Through our fast replenishment services we can ensure optimal planning and presentation of our products, maximising profitability with minimal effort required from the retailer. We have built our systems and processes to ensure products are never out of stock. This means there’s never an empty hook on the shop floor. We deliver the highest return on investment for the best possible space.





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